Water and Sewer Department


The Town Water Department is responsible for Water, Sewer and the Stormwater (MS4) Program.


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The blue markings on your lawn are part of the Water Departments effort to document all water service shutoff (curb box) locations on your property.  The documenting of the location of your shutoff is the first part of our required compliance with the EPA Revised Lead and Copper Rule.  The Town must document all water service in our distribution system and physically determine the plumbing materials in use at your home or business.  This will require your cooperation and help to identify the plumbing material coming into your home i.e. copper, lead, galvanized or plastic.  We are using a survey form from Survey Monkey to aquire infromation pertaining to your water service and the Water Department needs your help to document the water service materials in your home.  After the Water Department gathers as much remote information as possible, then selected water services will be investigated to determine if there is a confirmed lead service before and after the water shutoff in your yard.  Any lead services that are found will be entered into a database and will be scheduled for removal in the future.

If you have any questions please call the Water Department at 279-3461 Ext 114.


William L. Bradley

Superintendent of Water, Town of Brunswick

The Town of Brunswick Water Department was organized in the mid 1960's when the Town purchased the assets of the the City of Troy Quackenkill Creek water distribution system which, consisted of the water mains which carried water from the diversion dam in cropseyville to the Troy city line at Pinewoods Avenue and Central Avenue and the water mains that supplied water to the Vanderheyden Reservoir and Scyaway area.  The Town has grown significantly since the 1960's and many improvements have been made to the water distribution system including a new water tank and two water pumping stations and many miles of additional water mains.  The Towns water distribution system provides potable water to approximately 3300 dwelling units in the Town and transports water to the Town of Poestenkill.

The Water Department also maintains the sewer collection system for the Town.   About three quarters the public water users are also on public sewer.  The sewer department maintains many miles of sewer mains and four sewer pump lift stations at various locations in the Town.

The Water Department is also responsible for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. (MS4)  This program is a permit program which derived its beginning from the Clean Water Act in 1973 and the Acts subsequent revisions.  The Town is responsible for maintaining in good shape its stormwater collection system and for overseeing construction projects and non farming activities in the Town which disturb more than one acre of land.

After 4:00 PM daily or on Weekends for emergencies such as water main breaks, vandalism or tampering of facilities (only Town personnel or the Fire Company can use hydrants) or uncontrolled leaking water in the home, dial 270-5555 and the Rensselaer County 911 Dispatcher will contact the appropriate personnel to respond to your emergency.