Summer Youth Program





May 14,2020


Dear Friends,

We have been receiving inquiries from many of you regarding the status of the Summer Day Camp Program for this year in light ofthe ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Understandably, people want to know as soon as possible whether this very popular program can reasonably go forward this year considering all ofthe  social distancing and other NY PAUSE restrictions currently in effect, so that they can make alternative Summer plans for their children if necessary.


While there have been some discussions about things starting to "open up" somewhat in various parts of the State, based upon what we have most recently heard from the Governor, we have decided that it is unrealistic to expect that the NY PAUSE restrictions will be lifted in any significant way in the Capital District region in time for the Summer Day Camp to go forward as usual this year. We are, of course, seriously concerned about the health and safety of the children entrusted to our care each year.  So little is known, even now, about COVID-19, there is no way we can take measures to assure your children would not be infected. We see no way to realistically and effectively conduct a Summer Day Camp Program for a large number of children with the social distancing and other NY PAUSE restrictions currently in effect. Things like maintaining a six foot separation between individuals would be impossible even outdoors at the Town Beach, much less on the school busses used for transportation, and in the buildings used to house and entertain our campers when the weather doesn't cooperate.


Accordingly, we have made the difficult decision of canceling the Summer Day Camp Program for this year.  We know it presents a hardship for many of you, and I assure you it was not a decision lightly made. Under the circumstances, we simply feel that we have no other choice.


As to whether the Town Beach will open this Summer at all, irrespective of the Day Camp, frankly, it all depends on whether the State sufficiently lifts restrictions and permits us to do so within that time frame. We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you advised as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.  We wish you all continued safety and good health.



Philip H. Herrington