Newsletter Article from Phil

1 As those of you who faithfully read these pages know, earlier this year, in the last Newsletter, I wrote in some detail about some significant work the Town was undertaking at the Town Beach & Park complex on North Lake Avenue. Without going into a great deal of detail at this point, due to new stability and discharge requirements for dams imposed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Town, last Fall, had to actually fully drain the two reservoirs which comprise the Town Beach & Park so as to undertake various changes in our infrastructure which would begin the process of ensuring that the dams which hold in the water at the two reservoirs fully comply with all of the new regulations. Again, to make a long story short, the reservoirs were drained, the initial infrastructure changes were made as planned, and we will soon be initiating the process of completing the rest of the required upgrades to the dam infrastructure. You may recall that at the end of the article, I noted that the reservoirs were beginning to refill, and that our engineers fully expected the water levels to return to normal in time for Summer beach season.


While I had no reason to doubt the professional judgment and advice of our engineering professionals, I would be less than honest if I said that the thought never entered my mind that we could have an unusually dry late Winter and Spring, and the reservoirs wouldn’t refill as expected, in time for the Summer. As any of you who drove by the Town Beach complex late last Fall can attest, as we were working on the dams with the reservoirs drained, it was a rather shocking sight. The reservoirs looked like two large craters, rather than the serene, picturesque water bodies which we use every Summer for swimming, boating, picnicking, and just relaxing on hot, sunny days. If the reservoirs did not refill, I thought to myself, there would be no nearby place where our residents, especially the children, could swim and cool off this Summer. Without the Town Beach, I thought, there could realistically be no Summer Day Camp Program, as that program literally revolves around beach and water activities. Without the Summer Day Camp Program, many of our residents who count on the Day Camp to provide inexpensive “day care” for their children while they are off from school for the Summer, would need to make other, more expensive, arrangements. Without the Town Beach, there would be no free swimming lessons for the children. Moreover, if there was no Town Beach, there would be no jobs for the many teenagers and college students in Town who work each year as lifeguards, camp counselors, gate guards, and grounds keepers, and who count at that money to help them meet college and other expenses. I could go on and on. To say the least, it was not a pretty picture that I was conjuring up in my mind.


Well, I guess I’m being just a little melodramatic here. As those of you have driven past the Town Beach recently already know, Mother Nature came through and the reservoirs did, in fact, refill very nicely. The water levels are back to normal. The Town Beach will even be a little more “sandy” this year. When the reservoir where the swimming area is located was drained last Fall, we noticed that a lot of the beach sand had found its way under the water over the years, and we managed to reclaim it. That should make for a nicer, sandier, beach this year.


I’m happy to say that we anticipate no changes to our Summer Day Camp Program or general Town Beach operations for this year. The Town Beach will open on Tuesday, June 27, for swimming, boating, picnicking, etc., and will remain open through Labor Day. Beach hours are 10:00 AM through 8:00 PM daily. A covered pavilion for larger groups is also available on a reservation basis. The Summer Day Camp Program, open, as always, to children between the ages of 5 years and 12 years, will operate this year from June 27 through August 4. Swim lessons, taught by certified American Red Cross instructors, will be being offered in two sessions; July 3 - July 14 and July 17 - July 28. Children may be registered for the swim lessons even if they do not attend the Day Camp. Further details about the Town Beach and the Day Camp may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office.


At this point, I’m looking forward to another successful season of Summer fun at the Town Beach. Hope to see you there. If I don’t, have a great Summer!